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HellerResults Mission and Philosophy


To support achievement of your organization's goals through the power of our experience, perspective, insight, connections and global reach delivered with unique leadership and dedicated execution.


HellerResults is a consulting organization whose goal is to help your for-profit or non-profit organization more rapidly achieve your education community goals to grow, scale, diversify, refocus, enhance education impact, partner and reinforce sustainability. Guiding principles for our engagements are:

Personal and Personnel

Nelson Heller brings a unique perspective to every assignment and, with appropriate team members, is committed to a responsive personalized relationship with clients. Team members are assembled from a pool of senior industry talent with exceptional skills.


We adhere to the highest standards of business practice to assure clients of confidentiality and transparency regarding any other potentially pertinent business relationships. We strive for long-term relationships and clients who are committed to attaining their objectives with our help.


We strive to meet commitments and provide responsive service.


Nothing is more important than quality of service to meet or exceed client expectations.


While most industries have drawn heavily on technology and see active innovation, education  has struggled to enhance student achievement in the face of institutional and financial hurdles. Bright spots abound, despite challenges to bring them to scale. Nelson Heller and the HellerResults Group bring a peerless vision to every assignment, honed over the 23 years of experience gained through presenting and interacting with attendees at the EdNET conferences, active journalism relationships with industry leaders and leadership roles in professional associations.

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