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International Sales: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Undergoing Road Repair

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Read Nelson Heller’s probing analyses of the evolving international markets for educational resource firms:

Global K-12 Educational Publishing:
The Giant Awakening
Stay abreast of critical developments in the globalization of education markets with the HellerResults Group resources

Check out the recent AEP/AAP International Markets Forum (IMF), chaired by Nelson Heller 

  • Held June 2-3, 2012 in Washington, DC and organized with the two biggest educational publishing trade associations, by Nelson Heller with an international Advisory Board, the IMF brought together education industry executives for a day of in-the-trenches insights
  • See the RISE case study - an example of a potent, successful new business model in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's China strategy, presented by Karan Khemka, Head, International Education Practice, The Parthenon Group, in his IMF keynote here, including a downloadable PDF of his slides.
  • See the roster of registrants for the cluster of AEP/AAP programming around the Content in Context 2012 conference of which the IMF was a part.

See Nelson’s analysis of fast-growing non-U.S. companies like India’s publicly traded Educomp Solutions from his View From the Catbird Seat presentation at the EdNET 2011 Conference

“Big Data and Voice Technology for K-12”

See Nelson’s View From the Catbird Seat presentation from the EdNET 2012 Conference

About the HellerResults Group

HellerResults works with educational publishers and service providers, the financial community, foundations, public agencies, academia, industry associations and non-profits. We support educational entrepreneurs, strategic partnering and industry talent development. We continue to support MDR’s EdNET conference, the EdNET News Alert, EdNET Insight and strategic planning.

Harness the move from Heller Reports to HellerResults.

Give your company a unique edge with insight gained from 23 years of The Heller Reports and EdNET experience.

The HellerResults Group brings together teams of experienced leaders to work on select high-leverage, high-profile assignments under the leadership of Nelson Heller, a trusted visionary, journalist and adviser to the education industry.

His exceptional contributions have been acknowledged by induction, in 2009, to the Association of Educational Publishers’ Educational Publishing Hall of Fame and, years earlier, receiving the education industry’s Making It Happen Award.

Since founding The Heller Reports newsletters and EdNET conference in 1989, he has worked and interacted with leaders of industry, government, educational institutions, non-profits and academia to advance the cause of education through sustainable business models and programs.

His experience as an executive at Quality Education Data, a division of Scholastic Inc., after selling The Heller Reports organization to them in 2002, and as President of EdNET at the MDR division of Dun & Bradstreet from 2009 to 2011, after it acquired QED, has given him an unparalled reach into the education community.

His annual “View From the Catbird Seat” presentations have anticipated countless market developments by years, including the Internet, online content and service marketplaces, e-books, cloud services and social learning platforms.

Nelson Speaking at EdNET Conference.

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